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Finding great therapy doesn’t have to be overwhelming…

Get the insights and strategies you need to find a great therapist for you or someone you love.

“I want to try therapy but I just don’t know where to start?”

Many of us sense that we or someone we love could benefit from therapy. But we quickly become discouraged because the process is so confusing and intimidating.


If you’ve ever tried to find a good therapist, some of these probably sound familiar:

  • Which type of therapist should I choose?
  • How long will therapy take?
  • Will I be able to afford therapy?
  • Which type of therapy is right for me?
  • Is therapy the same as counseling?
  • How do I really know if a therapist is any good?
  • What if I don’t like my therapist?
  • Does going to therapy mean I’m broken?
  • Should I see a psychologist or a psychiatrist?
  • Does therapy really work?


Thankfully, you can learn how to find good answers to these questions.

Find Your Therapy will walk you step-by-step through the entire process of finding a high-quality therapist, start to finish and in plain English!


What You Will Learn

Find Your Therapy is packed full of helpful tips, useful resources, and actionable strategies to help you get started in great therapy. You will learn how to:

Clarify Your Struggles & Goals

What’s really wrong? How would I know if things were better? What do I really want out of therapy?

Understand the Basic Elements of Good Therapy

What type of therapist should I see? Is one kind of therapy better than another? Can I afford therapy?

Make a Plan to Find a Therapist

Where do I look for a therapist? Do I need a referral? What questions should I ask? What if I made the wrong choice?

Avoid Common Therapy Pitfalls

What things should I avoid when choosing a therapist? How do I know if a therapist isn’t right for me? Can I fire my therapist?

Table of Contents


An overview of the book including what it is, what it is not, how it’s organized, how to use it, and what you will get out of it.

Chapter 1

How to clarify what it is you’re really struggling with.

Chapter 2

How to identify and focus your goals and expectations for therapy.

Chapter 3

Learn about the different types of therapists and how to pick one who’s right for you.

Chapter 4

Learn about the different types of therapy and their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Chapter 5

Learn about the cost (and value) of therapy, how to pay for it, insurance, and tips for minimizing the cost.

Chapter 6

How to research and find local therapists, organizing and tracking the information as you go.

Chapter 7

What to ask about when you first call a prospective therapist, including scripts, checklists, and essential questions.

Chapter 8

What to expect in your first session, how to interview your therapist, and personal factors to consider in your future therapist.

Chapter 9

On choosing a therapist and getting to work.


Final thoughts

About The Author

Nick Avatar August 2015

Hi, my name’s Nick Wignall and I’m a clinical psychologist and practicing cognitive behavioral therapist. In my work I hear all the time about how confusing and overwhelming the whole process of finding a therapist can be.


I realized that while we therapists have a tremendous amount to offer, much of it is wasted because many of us aren’t very good at marketing ourselves to potential clients in a clear, approachable way.


I decided to write Find Your Therapy to help regular people understand the basics of good therapy & take steps to find a great therapist.


I sincerely hope that you find the book useful and that it empowers you to find a great therapist and to begin making the changes in your life that you aspire to.

Pay What You Want

Because I believe that access to quality therapy is so important, I want the tools and information I’ve assembled in this book to be available to as many people possible.


So I’ve decided to sell Find Your Therapy under a pay-what-you-want pricing model. That means you decide how much to pay.


I encourage you to consider a price that both reflects the expected value of the book to you and is within your means.


For most people, I believe $10 is a fair amount for a book with over 150 pages of practical advice and actionable strategies for finding high quality therapy.


That being said, you’re free to pay what you want.


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Common Questions

Pay What You Want… Really? So I could pay $0?

You could.


What if I hate it?

Gosh, I sure hope nobody hates it! But if you purchased the book and it truly wasn’t helpful to you, just shoot me an email explaining the situation and I’ll refund your money no questions asked.


What is the purchase process?

I use Gumroad to process payment of the book. They are super secure, amazingly convenient—you don’t even have to leave this site—and they accept all major credit cards. Simply enter your email address and payment information to purchase the book. Shortly after you’ll receive an email with a link to download the book.


Is there a print version of the book?

Right now the book is offered exclusively as an eBook in PDF format which you can read on everything from your desktop or laptop computer to your tablet or smartphone.


What if I want to share this with a friend, family member, or colleague?

Great question! The best thing you can do is send them right here to this page. The address is:


Is there anything else included with the book?

Along with the book you’ll get the Find Your Therapy Toolkit which is a collection of tools and resources to help you in the process of finding a therapist.


I still have more questions.

Is that a question? 😉 Feel free to send me an email with any additional questions:


OK, I’m sold. How do I get the book?


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Find Your Therapy

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